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PTS Security & Electronics custom designs every system around many factors.


Accessibility and vulnerability of certain areas in conjunction with the security concerns of the individual. It's just one of many considerations to protect lives and property.

Wireless or Hardwired System?



As the name implies, hardwire systems are connected by wires that are strung through walls, floors, and ceilings. In contrast, wireless systems rely on radio communication links, eliminating the need for expensive wiring. As an added advantage, installers can place a sensor exactly where it is needed without drilling holes in your walls and ceilings or dismantling your baseboards and moldings to hide wire.


There are pro's and con's for both.


Wireless requires less wiring and time to install the system. Not all buildings are suitable for wireless, like steel commercial buildings. Hardwire systems don't require replacing batteries in transmitters occasionally. They are not dependant on radio propagation. Our Customer Service Specialist can discuss your options and determine what best suits your needs.

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