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   Our Frequently Asked Questions and then some

Q - What separates PTS Security from other security companies?

A - PTS does not have any length of contacts. You may cancel at any time.


Q - Why don't you have your phone number on the website?

A - The amount of spam and robo calls in excess of 50 a day is too much for a small company. All customers have our direct contact info for 24/7 customer care. 


Q - Why do you have a picture of a dog and a cat on your page?

A - We love our pets as much as you do. We take great care in considering their needs for a pet friendly system. Besides, we think they're cute.


Q - Can I switch my alarm over to you? If so, how much do you charge? 

A - No charge. There is no connection fee, no processing fee, or any hidden cost. We will also inspect all points of protection for proper operation.


Q - What area do you cover?

A - We service Fairfield and New Haven Counties in Connecticut.


Q - How much do you charge for a consultation?

A - Nothing. However, it has been rumored that we have accepted cookies and home made apple pie. 


Q - Do you install and service intercoms and card access?

A - Yes. 


Q - Do you install Home Entertainment Systems?

A - No.


Q - How long have you been in business?

A - We were offically incorporated in 1999 but our actual started date was in 1982. Yea, that's a while. 


Q - How do I access my account login?

A - Please give us a call so that we can verify it's really you.


Q - Are you licensed and insured?

A - Yes - CT License #185281 - fully bonded and insured.


Q - How long do you warranty a new system?

A - We warranty a new system for one full year.


Q - Do you accept online payments

A - We are working to impliment online payments while keeping your monthly bill the same low rate. 


Q - Mission Statement?

A - Offering the latest technology and personalize service you deserve with no contracts. Customer satisfaction is the most important part of our business. 



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